How does Snapchat create impact in today's world?

Approximately 760 million Snapchats are sent each day, a number that already exceeds the picture sharing of any other social media sites. Snapchat has become the top service for sharing events and news via images and video.

How does it work?

Snapchat has the ability to share instantaneously someone’s experiences. Rather than waiting until a day after a concert to post pictures and videos online, people can live “snap” them to all their friends. Snapchat users are able to get a realistic sense of what their friends are doing almost instantly.

Even though brands are chasing that consistent quality content to drive home brand awareness, we do recommend that they keep up with this fast changing space and adapt to Snapchat advertising, even though it is only available within 24 hours of posting.

Millennials have quickly embraced Snapchat.  The app caters to their fast lives and even faster attention spans, so a quick snapshot is a great way to capture their attention.  They are always looking to Snapchat for something new and interesting.

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